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Skyscraper 4D
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An Architectural Sandbox Game for iPhone and iPad

Skyscraper 4D is a new breed of tower building games that lets you design large, complex buildings with remarkable ease.

In this game, you'll serve as architect, engineer, and real estate developer, all at the same time, as you accumulate money and expand the reach of your real estate empire.

You'll control everything from the shape of your buildings, to the placement of columns, walls, elevators, balconies, and more. The tedious work normally associated with construction has been totally automated, letting you focus on the creative side of things!

Skyscraper 4D is easy to pick up, but it strives to stay as close to reality as possible. That means whatever you design needs to be structurally and economically sound. But not to worry, if you run into trouble there are plenty of nifty warning indicators to help you shore things up.

If you like to build things, you've come to the right place!

Intuitive Tutorial

We've created a simple and intuitive
tutorial to make Skyscraper 4D
as easy to learn as possible

Instant Gratification

Designing a simple building
takes under 60 seconds

High Performance

Skyscraper 4D has been highly
optimized to ensure amazing performance,
responsiveness, and loading times

Bézier Curves

Easily add curves to windows and
walls to create almost any floor
shape you can imagine


Five different mirroring options are available
to mix and match, allowing you to design
symmetrical buildings very quickly

Floorplan Tool

You can easily add walls, doors,
elevators, kitchen appliances, and more
to create the floorplan you want

Helpful Warnings

When you design something structurally
unsound, we'll give you options to help
resolve your problem quickly

No Ads or Long Wait Times

Instead of spending money to speed up a
really slow experience, you'll have the option to purchase more advanced design tools

Feedback Welcome

We are always trying to improve,
and we'd love to hear your feedback!
Tap here to message us.

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Press Kit

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